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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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over the bayshore freeway especially from the stress -- stretch on ff on to san francisco. el niño's storms are to blame. the pothole problems on the solutions. >>reporter:a lot of drivers on 101 frustrated, not just because of the traffic, but because of the potholes. you know know that caltrans crews were busy last night trying to fix them, but they still have a lot more work to go. if you are driving on 101 from san francisco to brisbane hold on tight. >> we hit those potholes, there is one that just really jerks you >>reporter:the roadways transformed after the recent string of storms. what does the freeway look like to you? >> like the moon >>reporter:cratering out to one of the busiest bay area commuter pipelines. making the ride not only rough, but expensive. how much will that cost for you to fix?
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>> $200 maybe. >>reporter:carlos pulled over, at this gas station, after a pothole dented his rim. now, he's taking his anger out on caltrans. >> they take a lot of money, do nothing. they should've taken care of this a long time ago. >>reporter:marco gonzalez as a driver for trans- metro, a few weeks ago he said his bus tire flattened out after hitting a pothole and 101. >> the damage, i mean,, it's terrible mac officer williams with the california highway patrol says since the storms, the calls keep coming in. >> several collisions with the roadway, where they damaged suspension our wheels. >>reporter: they remind drivers >> when traveling down the road, we try not to follow too closely behind the car in front of us. what that does is gives you an opportunity to be able to see well ahead of you. >>reporter:aaa told me today there was a 15-20% increase in service calls, but they did say that is normal -- normal during story weather. >> potholes also a problem in
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north hanalei. crews from the county department of public works patched up a hole in just a few minutes. >> in the north bay, heavy rains wreaked havoc on a stretch of highway 121. a 50-foot section of roadway collapse because of erosion. cracks as deep as 4 feet. you can see it looks more like an earthquake, doesn't it, then a big storm? chp has shut down 121 between what in valley and circle oaks drive. detours close to one hour instead of the usual 15 minutes. one couple trying to deliver a care package to a sick friend had to turn back. >> he is incapacitated, he's doing with his brother and sister, we were bringing him a care package of some vegetables, some cheese, and stuff like that, you know, we would like to see him. >> chp helps to have one lane open by the weekend. it is super tuesday, round
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three, and the results of already reshaped the republican race. it is all over for one of the candidates, right? >> a lot was on the line tonight in florida, marco rubio faced a must when situation, but it was donald trump who beat him, and beat him badly in his own home state. rubio came in second, that it was a good enough, as you can see, he got whipped. florida is winner take all what it comes to delegates. just 30 minutes ago, marco rubio announced his campaign, for the white house, is officially over. >> while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016, or maybe ever. and while today my campaign is suspended -- the fact that i've even come this far, is evidence of how professional america truly is. >> let's take a live look at home headquarters. well, he's not there yet. trump is expected to speak at any minute. he will hold another one of his
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election night press conferences , once he shows up. of course, we have coverage of that, when it happens. "breaking news" from ohio tonight, cbs news has just called the race for governor john kasich, he was in the same situation, as marco rubio, he needs to win his home state, and the voters have delivered that much needed victory there. that means that he will be able to keep his campaign going. a whole new dynamic into this thing. let's go to the democrats now, hillary clinton is off to a strong start, ohio was called about 15 minutes ago for her. she has also won tonight in florida, in north carolina, the remaining states missouri, and illinois are a little too close to call. she has been leading in both, clinton addressing her supporters right now. >> who will protect, and then expand social security for those who need it most, not cut, or privatize it. [ cheering]
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families deserve a president who will fight for the things that are priorities at home, but too often are not priorities in washington. affordable childcare, paid family leave, and something we have waited for, long enough, equal pay for equal work for women >> hillary clinton continues to roll through the south issuance florida, ohio, north carolina. let's show you how she did it in ohio, not even close. twice as many votes for her there, you can see 65.4% over bernie sanders at 33.4%. a decisive win there. here are the first numbers coming in from missouri, these are very early results about 1% reporting. this was another state where sanders was counting on to win tonight. so far, he is trailing there, as well. illinois, another state that sanders was betting on a strong showing.
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a little bit closer than the other states, hillary clinton had 54.2%, at the moment, bernie sanders at the 44.7%. he is still trawling right now. we are going to keep monitoring the results as they come in and bring you more as the evening goes on. the crackdown on people living for free in one of the bay area's most exclusive cities. people known as anchor outs have been living off the sausalito shoreline on richardson bay. they have been doing it for years. kpix 5's emily turner in sausalito, emily we are not talking about the famous sausalito houseboats here >>reporter: >>reporter:know, something completely different altogether. in fact, what i am talking about is right there anchored on the water and richardson bay. there are more of them in the last five years which really say brings more crime, more wear and tear on the environment and also more problems for mariners. when you live here, it's easy to see why someone like clark mason to be so relaxed about the possibility of a crackdown on
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those who anchor out in richardson bay. that is exactly what the san francisco bay comfort -- conservation and development can -- commission is pushing for. >> until something happens i am going to dismiss them like i always have. >>reporter:thanks to the riches and by special area plan that's been around just as long as clark has. the bcdc says there are more than 200 boats off the coast of richardson -based -- bay, almost half of them are being done illegally. >> the law says people shall live on land. the bay should be used for other things like recreating, sailing, industrial uses, but not living on the bay. >>reporter:while the state agency sets the rules, the local richardson bay regional agency is in charge of him fomenting them, and it can't, because part of the funds needed for enforcement are stuck in sausalito city hall. >> sausalito has declined to augment the budget to allow a planning process to get
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underway. >>reporter:the sausalito city manager did not return our call, or e-mail about why. but the sausalito police say it is planning an enforcement of its own. until then, folks like clark are unconcerned in the floating debate -- and the floating debate will continue >> until i see somebody hauled into court, or the boat dragged off the bay, then i will worry about it. in the meantime, it's just another bs. >>reporter:sausalito police is the first agency that will be taking action on this. right now they are in the planning stages they will then move to an educational stage, letting everybody know what the rules are and then give warnings, then ultimately potentially tickets and whatever else may come down the line. live in sausalito, emily turner, kpix 5 a plan to help the homeless can tender one south bay cities efforts to revitalize downtown. we report from san jose.
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>>reporter:arnie guzman has a growing business, printing blueprints for san jose architects, but he is concerned about city plants to convert this abandoned hotel, and the in the heart of downtown, into a homeless shelter just around the corner from his shop. >> do not put them somewhere to just keep them out of the way. it will cause a problem, because then you will have homeless people staying there that just want to be there, and start loitering. then you get more of them. because it's a place to hang o ut. >>reporter:he says the neighborhood is already struggling with homelessness whose -- homeless to sleep in his doorways and uses back lot for restrooms. >> if they're going to house them there, they should have something there that is going to help >>reporter:the city council voted unanimously to turn the hotel into a transitional shelter with 49 rooms. the plaza hotel, which has been closed for years, was a neighborhood blight, instead of tearing it down it would not be repurposed to give hope -- get homeless off the streets. >> we want affordable housing to servicing transits, certainly the sotelo, dash accommodates that. >> it comes at a time when san jose is attracting --
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struggling to attract more businesses and families with sidewalks and cafis. the mayor says the shelter does not conflict with those plans >> weather we build the housing, or not, the homeless will be a downtown. the question is, are they going to be on the streets, surrounding businesses or other going to be house? >>reporter:san jose has identified another hotel near santa clara university as a second place that may be repurposed for homeless housing bird renovations will begin here at the plaza the spring, and be finished in time for people to begin moving in next fall. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5 also in san jose, tomorrow, and advisory committee will hear a plan that will make sweeping changes to the city's 40-year-old rent-controlled loft. well tied annual rent increases to inflation. a sickly, landlords will not be able to hike rent past the consumer price index each year. that number typically between .7% and 2.8%. right now the cap is 8%.
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a big step forward for about the expansion into silicon valley. phase two of the project to bring bart into down -- downtown san jose just got federal approval. most of the 6 miles of track will be in a tunnel through downtown. the valley transportation authority will oversee construction, service on phase one of the bart extension will likely start next summer in the pedis and san jose's district. sweet rewards of justice. a bear -- a bay area homeless man big reward for helping catch a fugitive. how he could cash in, twice a man wakes up to gunman in his bedroom. the spike in daylight home invasions and a warning to bay area neighbors to lock their doors -- doors a bay area celebrity chef caught up in a scandal. a hostile work environment -- environment at his restaurant. the picture behind me shows what california's largest reservoir looked like less than two years ago. that's the before picture, wait until you see the after picture taken today. i will have that in your
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forecast. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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helping police nab two esca convicts. three others are getting checks as well. repr michelle gil a sharp eyed homeless man in san francisco is cashing in after helping police nab to escape convex. three others are getting checks, as well. reporter michelle on how police are divvying up that reward. [inaudible] >>reporter:the biggest reward payout of $100,000 went to a san francisco homeless man matthew hey chapman. to target store employees will get $30,000 and the owner of a stolen van used in the jail escapees getaway got $20,000. checks were doled out today by the orange county board of supervisors. >> i thought it was going to
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kill me, not save me >>reporter: this taxicab driver held for a week at gunpoint by three fugitives, hope for a piece of the reward. i came away empty-handed. supervisor todd spitzer says, the 71-year-old is not entitled to any money, because he did not give police information leading to the escapees capture. a california law giving governments immunity from liability in cases like this, also prevent him from getting a dime. although spitzer thinks he has a moral right to money. >> is between a rock and a hard place. i felt terrible, and i will sit with him in the legislature and make the begged the legislature to revoke that law, because that is a bad law >>reporter:the question now is how $50,000 in reward money will be distributed by the fbi and the us marshals. target workers are reported seeing the suspect cell phones could again collect, as could that van owner. the homeless man, who spotted two of these -- escapees in san
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francisco may end up, again, with the largest chunk of money. and santa anna, michelle, kpix 5 the us appeals court in san francisco says the government cannot be held responsible for the 1991 kidnapping of jc du gard. the woman held captive by a sex offender for 18 years. she sued, claiming federal parole officer should have a revoked her abductors parole well before he kidnapped her in lake tahoe. the court rejected her arguments, she and her children received a $20 million settlement from the state neighbors in morgan hill are told to lock their windows and doors after a string of brazen daytime burglaries. the most recent happened yesterday morning at a home on rosemary circle, investigators say the thieves broken through a window in the back of the house. i took the homeowners hostage at gunpoint. neighbors say they moved to morgan hill to escape crime. >> it's really scary, because we thought we moved into a nice
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neighborhood. apparently, there is no nice neighborhoods. >> monday's home invasion follows closely on the heels of two attempted break-ins in nearby homes, in both cases the homeowners got off the would-be burglars. in berkeley, matt is in critical condition after he was shot outside a liquor store on delaware and san pablo this morning. when this essay is suspect took off into the neighborhood after shots were fired. police are canvassing the area, but say the suspect is still at large. she is considered armed and dangerous. i san francisco police are investigating an assault in which they say that a driver through his female passenger out of a moving car. it happened about 8:30 this morning in the mission district near 17th and valencia. the woman reportedly lost consciousness after she was pushed out of the passenger door. she was taken to the hospital with non- life-threatening injuries. 2 lanes of interstate 880 blocked after this tractor- trailer -- burst into flames. chopper five catching the aftermath of it. you see the cab of the truck
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completely burned out there. still unclear why the big rig, fire, taking a look at the back up that backup that messes causing tonight, traffic snarl for miles along northbound interstate 880. drivers, we know it is the rush hour but you are advised to avoid the area, no word on when those lanes will reopen a dangerous stretch of road in san francisco getting a makeover. the mta unanimously approved a new 12 million-dollar safety overhaul for lombard street. the plan includes a more visible crosswalks, reducing the amount of street parking or the mta says pedestrian safety is a top priority. >> we are also putting in better transit medians, pedestrian medians of the people have a place to stand, and to wait for either the bus, or for traffic to pass. >> construction for the project, begins next summer. another problem road in the bay area, sir francis drake boulevard in marin, public works public works says the frequently congested thoroughfare is overdue for
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improvements. they are holding a public meeting tonight at 7 p.m. at kent middle school to discuss possible action blame the rain for the potholes, but we do not have any rain to blamer now >> now at the blinding sunshine which is low on the horizon around drivetime. it is such a big change, we've gone from 13 days of rainfall now we are starting a new streak which will be sunshine. we will say seven -- c7 mainly dry -- straight dry days. morgan hill 70 degrees, you'll get there tomorrow, fremont, san jose 66, san francisco 64, showed you this about three or four minutes ago this is what shasta lake, one portion of it looked like in august of 2014. that is less than two years ago. here is what it looks like today. it is so much better, it is 125 feet higher in elevation compared to just three months ago. it is now 81% full, that is crazy, because at the beginning
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of this month only two weeks a go, it was 61% full. it is an insane amount of water that is being added every day to shasta lake. 38feet higher in just the past two weeks. we are not going to see any additional rainfall but we will continue to see our reservoirs fill because of all of the rain that did fall over the past couple of weeks. it will be a mainly clear night, we will see a little bit of fog out there. sunshine coming up on wednesday, but once again another chilly start out there. overnight lows which will be pretty chilly, santa rosa 40, conquer 43, oakland 48, san jose 45. a light jacket if you're out and about tomorrow morning. temperatures will be running above average. take a look at where we should be this time of year i will we will be. averages generally low to mid 60s. tomorrow we are looking at highs in the upper 60s to low 70s, running five-7 degrees above average under mainly sunny skies. brentwood city 71 tomorrow, mountain view 70s, san jose 72, napa 74, for leo 69 and upper
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60s for fremont and oakland. it gets warmer thursday and friday, mid to upper 70s inland, low to -- low 70s near the bay. over the weekend we will be cloudier, a little bit cooler with rain moving in on monday. i love the monday rain thing because saturday rain, sunday ring, a lot of weekend plans get thrown into have a period monday rain, let's do it. let's do it every monday until june. >> amen. if the only plan is to go to work. let it rain. is a start in the kitchen, now he is heading to court. the bay area top chef sued for sexual harassment. -- he is a star in the kitchen, now he is heading to court. the bay area top chef sued for sexual harassment. ,,,,,,
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because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping. for sexual harassment. two former servers at the embarcadero restaurant "coq" claim: michael chiarello and his cohorts.. created a hostile, a celebrity chef, and san francisco, is getting sued for sexual harassment. 2 former service at the embarcadero restaurant claim michael, and his cohorts
6:24 pm
created a hostile sexually charged work environment. he owns the restaurant on san francisco pure five, in addition to the sexual harassment complaint come of the former employees also filed a wage and labor class-action lawsuit against the chef. they say they were not paid fair wages, nor overtime for the hours that they worked. according to the lawsuit, the management either participated in the sex harassment or directed, or allowed it to continue unabated. by turning a blind eye to the egregious unlawful sexual misconduct of the restaurants more prominent employees. the owner and his staff would not comment on the allegations tonight. may soon sway your decision about eating out certain spots in contra costa county. the system would be similar to this one currently used in santa clara county. restaurants would get a green plaque for a passing grade, yellow for a conditional passing, and read would require the restaurant to close. program starts in mid-april.
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less than one hour, board members will decide weather to ditch, or keep an east bay high school longtime mascot. for decades, rebel guy, has graced the halls. at one point, the cartoon image was a confederate figure, and some argue he represents a painful part in the school's history. coming up in the next half hour, trump, in his home state. the home to the presidency ends for marco rubio but john kasich scores a crucial victory. the results shaking up the gop race hillary clinton scores a decisive victory in ohio. what this means for bernie sanders chances of staying alive . a bay area teenager you may soon be hearing a lot of. how she came up with an idea that is changing the face of emojis.
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crack down on anchor-outs in sausalito. there are about tonight's top stories, potholes all over 101 between brisbane and san francisco making for a rough and expensive to coming for drivers after the storms. caltrans is still trying to patch up the problems and the california highway patrol tells us drivers are still asking for help. plans to crack down on
6:29 pm
anchor out in sausalito. campaign 2016, the race for the white house coming into clearer focus. we seen one presidential campaign come to an end to another candidate has grabbed a must when in a battleground state. we have the latest primary results for us >>reporter:with some of the republicans, where the race has dramatically shifted just within the last hour. donald trump has won florida, that was the big prize for the republican candidates, of course, all 99 delegates go to trump. florida is a winner take all state. as we told you earlier, marco rubio has suspended his campaign . ohio was the other big race, governor john kasich needed to win in his -- in his home state, he got it.
6:30 pm
he hopes that this will keep his campaign going. he beat donald trump and his own state. here's the latest delegate count for the republicans as we have it. donald trump has opened up his lead on ted cruz, we now have to see what marco rubio does with his delegates since he has dropped out. onto the democrats now, hillary clinton, is having a pretty big night. she has 13 states, so far. florida, north carolina and o hio, and it could be a clean sweep for her tonight. she has an early lead in missouri, bernie sanders has been closing the gap though as results come in. you see them there. 52.7% in missouri, to sanders with 45%. illinois, another state where bernie sanders was betting on a strong showing. it's a little closer than the other states. 53.5% going to hillary clinton, 45.5% to bernie sanders.
6:31 pm
he is still trailing hillary clinton, at this point. we will keep an eye on the numbers as we have some movement tonight and both of those races. back to you. cbs reporter weijia jiang as following the races. remark--. >>reporter:just about an hour ago here we saw a very emotional rubio, addressed the crowd here and dropped out of the race is saying he realizes he was on the other side of the winning side. so, it was almost a must win for him here, in florida, because this is his home state, after all. how do you ask people who do not even live here, americans also are to vote for you if your constituents will not do that. he bowed out gracefully, and many people were emotional and crying, totally different story for john kasich. this was also a must win for him even though you look at the delegate count and he is way behind ted cruz and donald trump, it's also symbolic
6:32 pm
because it shows that here you have someone who represents people, represents gop members who are not fans of trump, who is viable in a big state like ohio. it's not only about the numbers , this gives him momentum, this gives him likes to keep on going in the primary race. to be clear, he put all of his efforts in ohio, all of his money, his fundraising campaign . he is pretty dry right now, but the signals to donors who might be looking for places to put their money, where to go and john kasich is a good choice right now because he does have that momentum and he was able to beat trump in such a massive state. trump, huge win for him again here in florida, 99 delegates added onto his count. we are taking a life look at his event in palm beach, west palm beach which he hasn't arrived to yes, we are waiting for him to speak, at any moment. you can expect what he is going to say, that he is now becoming from
6:33 pm
the front runner to the likely nominee. but then, you ask different political analyst and they will tell you this is still far from over. it was another big night for hillary clinton, too. she won in north carolina, here in florida, and also hot -- also ohio so far. let's listen to john kasich addressing a crowd, a short time ago. >> i have to think the people, in the great state of ohio, i love you. [cheers and applause] >>reporter:again, hillary clinton has another big night here. it was especially important to note that she also won ohio, that is a state that bernie sanders was baking on to give him his western states coming off a surprise victory in michigan last week. here is what clinton had to say about her very commanding wins tonight.
6:34 pm
>> you voted, you voted for our tomorrow to be better than our yesterday, tomorrow for all of us do our part and everyone has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. [cheers and applause] >>reporter:for hillary clinton tomorrow, she wants to look forward to the general election in november although bernie sanders has said he plans to stay in the race, until the convention. we will have to see how the rest of the race heats up. huge headlines coming from both races. >> absolutely, weijia jiang in florida tonight. thank you so much are political analyst will be weighing in on the post and ally facebook talkback starting at 7 p.m. right after this newscast for you can chime in and ask her questions on our kpix 5 facebook page. she is a typical bay area teenager but she had a bright idea that could make text a lot more interesting.
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why would i use that? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kpix-5's mike sugerman says the genius behind it is 13- year-old girl from the bay . sot "oh my god!" alright, attn: emoji lovers. your favorite characters are soon going to have some sound effects. kpix 5's mike sugarman says the genius behind it is a 13-year- old girl from the bay area. >> o, my god. >>reporter:mercer henderson is your typical 13-year-old girl. except, she may have changed the face of the faces of emojis. >> that one is so scary >>reporter:while sending those little symbols, lots of people like to use while texting, like she does a lot, like her friends louise and ella she came up with -- what turns out to be a very sound idea. >> gets in emoji with sound that you can send to your friends and family >>reporter:in emoji with the sound? >> yes.
6:38 pm
>>reporter:one of those ideas is so simple you wonder why no one had come up with it before. >> my friends -- my friends and loved to make really where it sounds and we love sending each other emojis all the time so i thought why not try to put the two of them together. >>reporter:it's now an app in the apple app store. but making an app was alien to her. so mom, lisa, reached out to some pals. >> i reach out to a few friends in the app engineer world and audio world and we were able to get them to help us bring it to life >>reporter:it is audio with ats at the end. not yet a money eight -- maker it is likely to become one >> right now, we are not making any money with it, but in the future, i hope that we can really have them donate to the aspca, and cancer research and
6:39 pm
aids. >>reporter:that is just the way she is. remember mercer henderson, you will be hearing a lot from her in the future. by the way, happy st. patrick's day. >> if you can catch me, you can have my pot of gold. >>reporter: mike sugarman, kpix 5 today super tuesday three and primaries right around the corner, we want to know tonight will you be casting your vote. head to my twitter page veronica de la cruz we will have full election results tonight. join us at 10 o'clock over on our sister station 40 for cable 12. coming up in sports -- we have the latest on johnny's johnny's condition. is there a long-lost/brother. hebert cashes then and other big nfl moves is all coming up in a few minutes. ,,
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stories leading up to the c bay area spelling bee, heldn our studios this saturday morning. tonight, a question that's come up a lot: this week we are bringing you stories leading up to the cbs spelling be held in our studios this saturday morning >> tonight, it's the question
6:43 pm
that comes up a lot, actually. how do you explain the success of south asian american spellers. we look at some of the research. >>reporter:south asian american students scripps national spelling bee champion eight years in a row. we asked, why is it that we see so many south asian americans, in the spelling bee, and do so well in the spelling bee? researcher of northwestern university >> it's turned into something of a phenomenon >>reporter:has interviewed about 75 spelling bee students, parents and other program participants. she spends -- he says the top spellers are american-born and her parents are immigrants with the jobs that emphasize education.
6:44 pm
>> alameda county, first place last year. >>reporter: when 10-year-old started winning school bees and her parents provided support. >> you like reading and s pelling, so let's see if there's some other competitions of that can help you do this. >>reporter:anisha competes in the spelling bee circuits, contest organized by different community groups exclusively for south asians. >> get used to the fact that people are watching, and that i will have to get some words. >>reporter:research shows she is in good company with a nonprofit north sound -- south foundation started the spelling bee. the number exploded to 16,000 spellers last year. >> even if you do not win, learning and make shoes so discipline. >>reporter:some students are
6:45 pm
inspired by -- inspired by 1999 scripps champion made famous by the documentary. the live televised bees make spelling cool, and the prize for speeches. >> i really want to when i want to get to the national round. >>reporter:like others, he's hoping he will be next in the string of south asian spelling champs. today is allen's turn to spell, going to give you a word and that we are going to check in with one of our champions to see what he thinks. allen's word today is here it comes, punk toledo. it is a noun, it is a point of behavior about which one is', [inaudible]
6:46 pm
>> all right, let's check in with mel brooks: san jose to see if this is right. come on. >> p you and cti lio >> nailed it. [cheers and applause]
6:47 pm
>> with that he's got luck on his side with his classmates. >> can you spell paul? >> i'm throwing it back to you guys but i . i knew i was surrounded by excellent anchors, i did not know i was surrounded by spelling geniuses. right there. tune in tomorrow, we will do it again. here are the temperatures outside on a fantastically comfortable tuesday evening. a pair of sixes for livermore concord, san jose 63, san francisco cooling down to 59 degrees. he can enjoy the sunshine because look at all of the rain that has fallen in the first half of march. 11inches of rainfall, 8 inches at burton valley elementary school and saint miller -- st. mary's school in gilroy more than a half a foot of rain. we will keep checking for you if anything changes. right now it looks dry until next sunday night. concord tonight send -- 43, seven cisco 51. sunrise about two minutes earlier each day, but it is
6:48 pm
strong forward and sunrises well after 7 o'clock. the big change that has all ready happen is a building ridge of high pressure. the storms are still there but they haven't kicked to the north. that will be pushed farther north into british columbia. this bridge is getting closer, it is getting stronger, it will keep us dry and mild for several days all the way through st. patrick's day friday into the weekend. then, that ridge gets pushed to the east by something new that will move in. that will be a low pressure that area that will bring the storm track back to the bay area albeit temporarily. our next rain chance will be early next week specifically monday looks like we could get up to an additional inch of rainfall. good timing, the weekend stays dry. rain moving into the top of next week. we will be clear tonight aside from patchy fog. we will be mild and sunny for the next several days, temperatures running above average. san jose 72, your normal 67. upper 60s new work, san mateo
6:49 pm
around 70 degrees. print and i stay in pleasant hill 72 for you. dublin 70 degrees, antioch, pittsburgh, novato 70, san rafael 71 and a high of 70 for degrees in ukiah, you have been so soggy recently enjoy the sunshine. warmest weather thursday and friday, sunday -- sunday we are cloudier on sunday and there is a rain chance that holds off until the beginning of next week. that is your forecast. sports is coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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by a pitch... breaking his forearm. it was just a start of an injury riddled seasone giants hoping it won't be t same for their big off seas acquisition. johnny cueto was hit in thed irst during spring training, laster hunter pence was drilled by a pitch breaking his forearm. it was a start of a injury riddled season for him. the giants hoping it will not be the same for their big off- season acquisition. johnny was hit in the head by a line drive on his first pitch last night. he stayed in the game for three innings, remarkable, but was test afterwards for concussion. today, his agent told fox sports that he is doing fine, but does have a large bump on his forehead. fortunately, for rich hill, the games do not come for a few weeks. he allowed five runs today.
6:53 pm
that's called working on a few things during spring. the warriors blew out the pelicans last night to become the fastest team in nba history to reach 60 wins. they will house the next tomorrow night and go for their 50th straight home win. no one will ever confuse andrew rogan with a/brother. he redeems himself in the second half when he steps up and sink the first three- pointer in three years. he poked fun at himself after the game tweeting from a certain shack fool appearance to a three ball. quite a turn of events. [inaudible] >> yeah, we had a lot of laughs . a lot of little instagram posts.
6:54 pm
we had a lot of fun with that and we have been giving him a hard time. the ncaa tournament is officially underway, the first game featured a team that put itself on the map in 2013. >> where in the hell is florida gulf coast that >> three years ago florida for golf coast became the first of a 15 ever 15 c to reach the sweet 16. the ego so they still have a few moves left. they jumped out to 11-zero lead and never looked back. florida gulf coast blows out diggers and 96-65. they will face the number one seed north carolina coming up on thursday. nfl news, the raiders have re-signed wide receiver andre holmes to a one-year deal. he was oakland's leading receiver in 2014.
6:55 pm
how about a new for year, 18 million-dollar deal to stay in denver after the broncos matched the dolphins offer. not bad, for a guy who was undrafted out of colin 2013. eight years ago, terrel owens broke down in tears to defend his then quarterback, tony romo. [ crying ] >> that's my quarterback. >> mike wallace wasn't quite as supportive of his former quarterback. bridgewater the ex- viking said his decision to leave minnesota after one season and sign with the ravens was a simple one. >> when this process started, i knew i was going back to minnesota, i need a good quarterback. i need a good quarterback who can get things done. flatau, he's always been that guy. i've always loved his d ball. always. tiger woods and golf will not be the only big-game m issing -- name missing from the
6:56 pm
masters next month. arnold palmer will not hit the ceremonial tea this month due to a shoulder injury. he does plan to attend the champions dinner and he will be there throughout the event just prohibits him from taking a swing. maybe next year at 87. we have some breaking election news, cbs news declaring donald trump the i ll -- the winner in illinois and north carolina his third win of the night. he scored that big win over marco rubio in florida. we will have more at 11 o'clock tonight, but throughout the evening follow us on >> we will have election votes tonight on night beat, and mike allen said you can just join us back here tonight at 11 p.m. >> have a good night. save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: ha ha ha! well, thank you, everybody. i appreciate that. thank y'all. yeah, i do. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. we got another good one for you today. returning for their fourth day with a total of 21,360 bucks, from hartwell, georgia, it's the champs, it's the stowers family. [cheering and applause] and from westerville, ohio--sound like homies to me--it's the taylor family. [cheering and applause]
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everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new bold ford edge. let's play. give me joe. give me rodvous. [laughter] joe: see, i--i played him earlier. i knew that was going to happen. steve: whoo! here we go, guys. top 6 answers on the board. we asked 100 married men, "name something you like to watch your wife do." rodvous. rodvous: bathe that body. steve: bathe that body. rodvous: yeah! what? steve: joe. joe: change her clothes. steve: change her-- change clothes.


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